Completed Mercedes 200
Classic Mercedes
Completed Jaguar S Type 3.8 Plum
Classic Jaguar
Completed Jaguar S Type 3.8 Maroon
Classic Jaguar
Completed Chevrolet Fleetwood
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About us
Bernard Koppes and Alan Hiatt have been restoring classic cars primarily for their own use and pleasure for many years. With this mutual interest in Classic Cars they have joined together to source desirable classic cars and restore them to their former glory. With three bases in England, Dubai and South Africa we have the best of “three worlds” by being able to source vehicles from three continents. As our vehicles come from climates that are much more temperate than the UK they start their restoration with considerably less rust than a UK based vehicle.Marula Classics source classic cars that people have left unloved. We source the best quality cars we can find. The cars are then taken to our workshop where we disassemble them to their component parts. Every part is then evaluated for condition and if they can be used again then we will. If there is any question mark regarding the condition then we will replace them with new ones. This is the only way that we will be sure that the restored vehicle will give years of pleasure to the new owner.
Projects Section
Some of our current Projects
Range Rover 3.5 V8 1976 3 Door
Our 1976 Range Rover Classic 2 Door has a remarkably solid shell for one this age.
Jaguar Mk2 3.8
Soon to be arriving in the UK
Jaguar S Type 3.8 Auto
This is a very solid 1968 Jaguar S Type Automatic. The restoration is underway.
Jaguar S Type 4 Speed
Having had a small front end accident this Jaguar will be restored so you'd never know.
Jaguar S Type 4 Speed
Waiting to get started
1967 Jaguar S Types 4 Speed
Ready to get started.
AC Cobra
This one will be heading off to Dubai soon.
Chevrolet Fleetline
Soon to be heading to Dubai