This will be a stunning Jaguar S Type. 3.8 Litres with and automatic gearbox.

We will be stripping the car completely like we do to all of our cars. Engine rebuild replacing, with new parts, anything that is needed. Gearbox will be a rebuilt. We will be using retro styled radio which is actually ipod, bluetooth and usb (mp3) compatible.

The exterior colour and interior hasn’t been chosen yet probably a stunning blue. The upholstery will be replaced and the seats trimmed with new leather with matching stitching to the original. Probably cream/beige leather with piping around the edge matching the exterior colour. But we haven’t decided yet.


Anyone that is interested in the car has a fairly unique opportunity to steer this total nut and bolt restoration to suit his or her requirements. You can choose the exterior colour; interior colour; leather and radio.

You can choose wire wheels or the standard wheels. White walled tyres.

If you are that customer that wants to guide this restoration from start to finish please get in touch. We at Marula Classics are only interested in the quality of the work that is done. Your colours your choice. We’ll just see that it happens.

If you look at some of the photographs when it is on the rotisserie you’ll see just how clean and rust free this 54 year old is.

£37,500 (assuming wire wheels) – The best thing to do is call us.