Our Jaguar 3.4 S Type has been finished and has had several short local test drives but the time has come to subject the fifty year old Jaguar to a real road test.

The journey started for an epic 900km round trip from Pretoria to Vuyani Safari Lodge on the outskirts of Hoedspruit.

Leaving Pretoria on the N4 (motorway) the Jaguar cruised out of the industrial region and headed for the Loveld.

Pieter stoped at Dullstroom to check levels and fill up on Coffee and waffles.

Leaving Dullstroom and heading up and over the Drakensburg mountains, droping  down into the town of Hoedspruit. Right onto the R40 for a short trip out of town arriving at the Lodge soon after.

Back in Pretoria and loaded for the journey  to the UK.