For Sale. A 1976 Range Rover 3 Door.

Starting with an extremely solid shell we are planning a full restoration on this classic Range Rover. It is even fitted with Air Conditioning.

As with any restoration we undertake this vehicle will be returned beyond its former glory.

Our plan for this is to break away from the standard 1976 colour scheme by using a metallic blue for the exterior paintwork and to use a cream/beige leather with a contrast piping around the edge of the seats.

We will be stripping the car completely. Engine rebuild replacing, with new parts, anything that is needed. Gearbox will be a rebuilt manual gearbox. All the chrome will be either re-chromed or replaced with new as applicable.

Not only will this be a mechanically perfect car it will also look stunning.

Over the weekend we have had a very close look at our Range Rover. We had expected to have had to complete a lot of remedial work to get the chassis and bodywork up to our exacting standards. As a result of this investigation it has been decided that there is less work involved and as such the overall restoration will not take as long as previously planned. With this in mind we have reassessed the finished price.

Deposit Taken (Sold)

Estimated finished price, £60,000