Our unloved, by many, Jaguar S Type. 3.8 Litres will now be fully restored to our specification. As such this Jaguar will now be started and will be rebuilt with the automatic gearbox.

The car itself is very solid indeed and was used frequently up to us purchasing the vehicle.

We will be stripping the car completely and assessing every part in detail deciding whether the part can be used again or not. If not, then a new part will be used.

The vehicle currently has just over 77,000 miles recorded which we can not validate but it doesn’t really matter to much as the engine will be rebuilt anyway. Engine rebuild replacing, with new parts, anything that is needed. Gearbox will be the rebuilt automatic gearbox. Any chrome work that needs attention will be Copper filled and nickel plated. We have chosen an Opalescent Maroon with a beige leather interior colour. We will be using a retro styled radio which are actually ipod, bluetooth and usb (mp3) compatible.

She’ll sit resplendent on wire wheels.

We at Marula Classics are only interested in the quality of the workmanship that is done. Your colours your choice. We’ll just make sure it happens.