* Marque : Jaguar
* Model : S-type
* Engine: 3.8
* First registration : 1966
* Odometer: 85232 miles
* Chassis number : AB5810099226
* Colour exterior : Plum
* Colour interior : Cream
* Transmission: Manual, 4 speed With overdrive

This is a South African imported car with all UK duties paid and NOVA paperwork is present, as is the V5. The car was restored around ten years ago and would benefit from a bit of T.L.C on the paintwork but it’s an excellent base for somebody that wants to “tinker” to make perfect.

The car is available to view and purchase “as is” at very close to the asking price. The vehicle has a UK  M.O.T and is registered for use on UK roads.

Due to the climate in South Africa the main items that need replacing for a UK M.O.T are the rubber bushes which dry out and crack.

The car is MOT exempt but for safety purposses we have put it in for an MOT.
MOT expires 21/06/2019

The car is located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

Head lamp (sealed beam unit)
Wiper blade (chrome type)
Wiper arms (chrome type)
Washer bottle
Washer bottle bracket
Top ball joint
Top wishbone bush
Lower ball joint kit
Lower wishbone bush
Tie rod ball joint gaiter
Anti roll bar rubber
Anti roll bar D rubber
Sub frame mounting front
Sub frame mounting rear
Spark plugs
Fan belt
Propshaft bolt
Propshaft nut
Rear trailing arm
Axle V mounts
Hand brake pads
Rear brake pads
Rear caliper
Hand brake cable
Rear brake disc
Rear brake pad spring
Rear brake pad fitting kit
Rear brake pad retaining plate
Rear bump stop
Drive shaft nut
Petrol tank RH (drivers side)
Petrol pump
Petrol pump mounting
Fuel tank straps
Boot seal
Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Period Style Number plates

We have spent £3,500 in the UK putting right those items that were needed for the MOT and various other parts that we decided the car would benefit from. Such as new plugs, engine oil and filter.

I’ve spent a couple of days using a mild cutting paste to bring the paintwork back to a deep luster.

It’s not perfect but there isn’t much to do to make it a really good useable classic.

The colour is very difficult to describe. In certain lights it looks like a deep chestnut. In other lights it looks Plum and in bright sunshine there is a hint of purple in the metalic paint.  Whichever colour you describe it as a gorgeous colour. The first nine photographs were taken after a simple was. The others were taken on or after 18th September.

SOLD We’ve priced the vehicle to sell. £17,500 OVNO